Personal Tenant/Condo Insurance

Most renters and condo owners are not aware of the risks of living without proper insurance coverage for property damage and their personal belongings.  Have you thought of how much it would cost to replace everything you own?


Baseline Insurance can provide you with affordable Tenant and Condo insurance.  We will walk you through the details of personal liability, replacement coverage, property damage, even medical coverage and more in the case of an accident and claim.


Discounts available for:

-          Bundling your insurance policies.  Example: having your condo/tenant, auto, and recreational property insurance with the same insurer

-          Having an alarm and/or sprinkler system

-          Non-smokers

-          Being of a certain age

-          Condo/townhouse owners who have paid off their mortgage

-          Owning a new condo/townhouse



Renter’s or “Content” insurance will help replace your contents and personal possessions due to a loss from fire,  theft or accidental damage however renter’s insurance also offers a few important extras to consider:

  1.  Personal liability coverage, should someone hurt themselves while visiting your home
  2.  Living expenses should loss or damage force you to live elsewhere temporarily

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